Ranawat Haveli
Haveli Rudra
Location: Chandangarh, India
Residents: Danveer Ranawat

Mohini Danveer Ranawat
Samrat Ranawat
Maithili Samrat Ranawat
Sumer Ranawat
Sunehri Ranawat
Dilsher Ranawat
Rudra Pratap Ranawat
Parvati Rudra Pratap Ranawat

Status: Ongoing
The Ranawat Haveli is an opulent mansion, grand and vast like the tension it creates within it's inhabitants, the Ranawat Family. It is situated in Chandanghar, Rasjasthan, India.

The Ranawat Haveli belongs to Dilsher Ranawat, as he is the current eldest son of the Ranawat family alive. This in turn places Rudra as the inheritor of the Haveli, much to Mohini's annoyance. Initially, she accepted that the Haveli was Dilsher's and that her children would not stand to inherit the house as they are the children of the younger Ranawat brother, Danveer Ranawat.