Barat Suraksha Dal
BSD Forces
Aims: Protecting the Indian border

Defending India against Terrorism
Protecting the Indian people

Known Members: Rudra Pratap Ranawat

Danveer Ranawat
V.K Singh

Enmity: Param Singh Tejawat


Area of Operation: India
Status: Ongoing
Barat Suraksha Dal are the Border Security Defence soldiers that work all over India to try and combat terrorism. The organisation is actually a fictional one, based on the Border Security Force (BSF) that actually does the work that the BSD do in Rangrasiya. The BSD functions to protect India, defedning the countries borders against terrorist activity and illegal smuggling.

The BSD are pivotal to Rangrasiya as the male lead is a Major in the Force. Rudra Pratap Ranawat works within the army, alongside his associate Amandeep and his senior commanding chief V.K Singh. His uncle, Danveer Ranawat also works as a BSD soldier and so the BSD plays a major part in the lives of the characters within the serial. Rangrasiya focuses on the BSD operating within the locality of Rajasthan - primarily Birpur and Chandangarh.